Where did the idea for Käse Glückler come from?

Loving nature and mountains, it was just a matter of time to come across alpine specialties. The combination of alpine nature, vacation and joy of life had a lasting impact ever since. Though no mountains has appeared yet in Cologne, my home of choice, I had to reverse this fact and bring these specialties to the Rhine river region.

Therefore Käse Glückler was founded at the beginning of 2015 setting the goal to bring austrian mountain cheese and meat products to the Rhineland of Germany.


Good food is quality of life

In the fast pace of our times and fast food concious living and indulgence reaches an outstanding position in everyday life. To take our time and muse fortifying ourselves with high quality food, raises quality and joy of life. Allow yourself a little time out and enjoy the indolence as well as the taste of an exquisite selection of food.

Man should give his body something nice, so the soul wants to live inside it”
(Winston Churchill)

Quality before quantity

Even though, mass-produced product are still hugely popular, we strongly believe, that food should be a term of quality rather than quantity. Not only it is highly important to us requiring highest qualtiy and taste with the selction of product, but also to ensure closeness to nature as well as sustainability. That is why you can be sure the products offered by Kaese Glueckler combine indulgence with nature loving animal husbandry and crafts tradition.


Philosophy of Käse Glückler

We want every single customer to be happy and have a smile on their face after visiting us.

We are looking forward to your visit.


Patrick Glückler

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